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 The Plant Edit

Dyer's Chamomile is found in much of Europe, primarily in the south and east, extending east of the Himalayas. It sometimes occurs in the British Isles and North America as an escape from cultivation. Dyer's Chamomile is a perennial that grows up to two feet tall. The flower heads are 1-1.5 inches across at the tops of long stocks. It is often bought in garden centers to be used as a plant border. It thrives in any well-cultivated soil and needs plenty of sun. [1]

How to Harvest Edit

Plants should be grown in full sun. Those grown in shade tend to produce less dye pigment. Flower heads should be picked regularly and can be air-dried or dried in a dehydrator. The leafy green parts contain dye as well, and should be picked when the stems are mature. [1]

How to Extract Color Edit

Fiber mordanted with alum will have soft yellow tones. Chrome produces a dull yellow and copper produces a green-yellow. [1] Ammonia darkens the yellow.
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References Edit

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